My Story, “Ollie, Ollie,” at The Collagist

If you’re looking for something apocalyptic to read, might I recommend my story, “Ollie, Ollie,” which was recently published at the wonderful online journal, The Collagist?

Here’s a representative sentence:

Because it was soon after that society blew up.

I hope that makes you feel compelled to read the whole story, which is about 3,500 words long, because I’m very proud of it.

Not Elves Exactly

On Saturday I had the opportunity to lead a poetry workshop at The Letters Festival here in Atlanta, at the Goat Farm (that’s the beautiful place where the picture above was taken). I chose to focus my workshop on the question of meaning in poetry, which is something I always shy away from (in past workshops, lectures, and panel discussions I would always opt to talk about specific things, like the use of sentences in poetry, or jokes), but this time I decided I’d tackle the essential question head on. Here are my notes.

Not Elves Exactly

John Ciardi, poet, fighter pilot, translator, etymologist, TV personality (d. 1989), says we shouldn’t ask “What does a poem mean” but “How does a poem mean.” This was in his 1960s book, How Does a Poem Mean. Continue reading “Not Elves Exactly”