The Sonnets by Sandra Simonds


The Sonnets
poems by Sandra Simonds
fromĀ Bloof Books

I love the poems of Sandra Simonds (like, here’s one from Everyday Genius), and so can you. This is a great book. I tore through it. Am tearing through it. That’s not a nice way to put it. I love these poems. I love the way they combine ordinary moments but make them strange with language.

“isn’t that what’s / awesome about being an American poet? / You can just take your ignorance / and run with it or rename itĀ bravado.”

Mathias Svalina’s Wastoid


poems by Mathias Svalina
from Big Lucks Books

I just got this beauty in the mail. It’s poems. It’s sonnets, even. But they are in paragraphs. The book is called Wastoid and every poem in there is also called Wastoid. Guess they didn’t want to wastoid any time doing up new titles. (The acknowledgments notes that the title was inspired by a metal band from Lincoln, NE, named Wasteoid.)

This is a pretty hefty book, at 154 pages. Sara Woods made the cover. It’s beautiful. 

Most of the poems begin “My lover is” something.