Edward Mullany’s Figures for an Apocalypse

Figures for an Apocalypse
by Edward Mullany
from Publishing Genius

This book blows my mind. It is 200 pages of vsf, in which every story is essential. I have read it cover to cover many times in the last year, starting in August 2012 while camping with my family. It hasn’t changed much since then, but it still feels new every time.

I just flipped around in the book, pretending I’d just bought a copy and wanted to see what it was all about. I used the contents page (the TOC is 6 pages long) and just went to the stories that I thought would be the most interesting. I dabbled around that way.

Sometimes I’d come upon a story and think, like, Well, that story just seems whatever. For instance, the story on page 39 goes:

There was a telephone on a table in a hall.

It started ringing.
“Can you get that?” a woman called.

You know? I certainly think those are good sentences and the last word “called” in this context is interesting, but over the course of a 200 page book, the so-called “story” is not really all that compelling, right?

Then I looked at the title again, which is, “The Police” and I came to realize how much is being offered. Are the police calling? Is the woman and whoever she’s speaking to a cop? The police suggest a crisis. Like, my first thought was, maybe the police are there interviewing the woman about something, and she calls out to her husband, who is getting everyone coffee, to answer the phone. Maybe their child is missing and it’s the ransom guy. I don’t know! Don’t look at me! Look at the book!